Industry Solutions 

Salesforce capabilities tailored to specific industries 


The appetite for cloud computing and CRM is experiencing a wave of adoption by corporations as they seek to improve the customer experience. Salesforce also focuses on specific industries.


The need to unify the customer and employee experience across channels, geographies and lines of business – connecting both the personal and business financial needs of customers in a way that deepens the relationship and drives loyalty.


Government can now incorporate digital transformation to better serve citizens by speeding up access to information, streamlining workflows, and collaborating better within government organizations and externally with constituents

Leisure Experience

The tourism, leisure, and attractions industry provide exciting opportunities to delight and serve guests with a digital experience. 

Traveller's have come to expect personalized experiences, meaningful recommendations, simplistic bookings, with prompt and willing customer service. All customer interactions before, during, and after trips can now be captured and provide insights into customer preferences. 

Technology allows a travel company to source data from a variety of sources to create a single view of each customer's interests, behavior, and preferences.

Building a loyalty program using a modern CRM to get to know clients on a personal level and provide a highly customized experience at any of your locations to delight travelers.

Citizen 360

Governments can provide the level of service to citizens that displays excellent customer service and good governance

Citizens expect the same responsiveness and service they are accustomed to by the leading brands with transparency, ease of use, and complete focus on the citizen experience. 

Salesforce offers a single, integrated platform to give a complete view of the citizen experience. Salesforce helps government agencies worldwide build innovative cloud solutions that create a more responsive, effective, and connected experiences.

Incorporate digital transformation to better serve citizens by speeding access to information, streamlining workflows, and collaborating better within government organizations and externally with constituents.

Global Logistics Hub

A CRM can help to create a personalized, dynamic, speedy delivery options, and enable amazing customer experience from start to finish. 

Transportation and logistics firms are bracing for new growth as eCommerce has replaced brick and mortar. New technology offers the opportunity to create customer-centric businesses and to drive customer success. 

A CRM can streamline the entire transporting experience — from providing quotes and booking to shipment, tracking, and fulfillment. Optimize key business processes based on bid response time, carrier rating, cargo fill rates, and origin and destination routes. 

Connect with your customers, suppliers and global partners to improve supply chain efficiency, pricing and order execution.

Patient Relationship

Gain a 360-degree view of every patient, member, and customer with a cloud-based patient relationship platform. Healthcare organizations have devoted particular attention to the material and well-being of people and raising the standards of public health. 

A CRM system can aggregate data from disparate systems to provide a complete view of a patient and allowing staff and clinical professional from all departments, clinics, imaging, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, billing, and marketing to provide a positive experience for patients.


Salesforce technology can integrate information from various systems to create a single view of the patient to improve service, collaboration, and operational efficiencies. We can help to deliver the experiences that healthcare consumers expect in individualize care and seamless access to medical resources.


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